"a movie script ending"

When I was a kid, well before I picked up my first camera, I dreamed of being a filmmaker. I was infatuated with movies and cinema and the glamour of storytelling on screens. It amazed me how someone could bring together writing, cinematography, acting, and costume to provoke such real and raw feeling from viewers like me. My father raised me watching classic films that explored the depths of life and what it means to be young and alive. I used to spend hours at a time watching and rewatching my favorite films, trying to pinpoint how and where exactly the feelings were created - at what point they managed to blow my mind with genuine emotion and beauty. Years later, I developed my love for photo; my photography was (and still is) inspired by movies that I would've made, given the time and resources. In my work, I like to think of my photos as glimpses into a bigger picture - a single frozen moment in the emotionally charged and artfully orchestrated film that goes on in my imagination. In this series, I decided to get back in touch with my roots; each of these photos captures movies and films that have never been, that exist within the realm of my ideas. Who knows? Maybe I'll make them one day. 

"laughter lines"

"hey, little hollywood"

"little wanderer"


"at the setting of your skies"