Budapest, Hungary

After a quick stop in Milan to see the Chainsmokers, my travel team and I headed off to a wonderful few days in Budapest, Hungary. A girl in my grade was describing Paris to me as "one of the few things that truly lives up to its hype." She said that you spend your whole life dreaming about it, and there's hardly a chance for it to live up to what you've made it out to be. For her, Paris actually lived up to its expectations. For me, Budapest did the same thing. Clearly, George Ezra and Wes Anderson knew what they were talking about when they dedicated their creative works to this beautiful city. 

Thanks to our pro tour guide, Vale (who was responsible enough to look up "attractions in Budapest" so that we wouldn't wander aimlessly through the city in awe of the pretty lights and architecture with no real knowledge about any of it) we got to see some pretty amazing things. The first day (after sleeping in the airport the night before) we walked up to the top of the Buda side to Fisherman's Bastion, which provided one of the best sunset views I've ever seen, despite the fog. We then treated ourselves to Goulash soup, cider, and waffles for dinner and hit up an Ice Bar to see what the fuss was all about (spoiler alert, it's tiny and expensive, but pretty cool all in all). The next morning we saw a few churches, walked across the Chain Bridge, shopped at the Great Market Hall, and oohed and ahed at the Parliament Building. After seeing the Shoes on the Danube Bank, we walked up to the Buda Castle and finished the afternoon off with some more goulash and coffee. The weather was perfectly foggy and chilly - truly fall in all its glory. Being a Northern California native, changing leaves and warm sweaters make me feel sentimental. 

Now off the Prague for a few days and then Amsterdam for the Amsterdam Music Festival!

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