Nena & Co: A Bag for Every Occasion

With the summertime on the not-so-distant horizon, the days of schoolwork stress and all-night study sessions will be put on hold (at least for a while). Within the boundaries of the beginning and the end of this glorious summer season, many exciting events may take place. Whether they are vacationing, creating, adventuring, shopping, learning, or just relaxing by the pool, one can almost guarantee a fun time under the sun. All of these occasions call for a bag to hold necessary "fun-supplies." You need some place to put your sunscreen and towel, or carry your camera in, or throw your laptop into. A bag for every summer occasion (and in every design!) can be found at none other than Nena & Co. 

I'm so jazzed to collaborate with a company as adorable and reliable as Nena & Co - not only do they have the cutest bags around, but they also have beautiful camera straps, jackets, and home goods! During my most recent trip to New York City, my roommate and I used/shot a variety of Nena products. They made carrying around our cameras, water bottles, and jackets so easy! 


  1.  No. 820 Computer Bag
  2. No. 403 Vintage Day Bag
  3. No 41. Vintage Sonia Carryall
  4. 2 Camera Straps
  5. No. 314 Vintage Mini Huipil Clutch