Last Shoot in the US

The end may be near for my summer in the states, but I'm doing my best to keep my creativity alive. Despite my hectic packing and working schedule, I have tried to fit in a shoot or two before my leaving. Today, I was lucky enough to do a cute lil downtown shoot with my darling friend, Röra.

I'm so thankful to have met so many creative people over the past year. Their creativity inspires and drives me to keep reaching towards my goals and opens my mind up to an entirely new world. Röra is a perfect example. Her three biggest projects - #unsent, Handle With Care, and Cutting Ties have really hit home with me and hundreds of others. She has a true handle on love, emotion, and humanity, and is able to capture it with such grace and purity in her work. I feel so blessed to know her. 

Check out lil Röra Blue's work at, or her instagram @rorablue

See you on the other side! Next stop, Ireland and Roma!