Ciao from Milano! (What a lame intro, anywhoo.) I just got back from my weekend trip to Venice, Italy, and it was the loveliest time I've had in a while. Even though it was a quick two-dayer and was sweltering hot, it was exceptionally enjoyable.

The last time I visited Venice, it was during its off season in November (during my semester abroad). Then, it was foggy, cold, and spooky - which, honestly, really added to the whole Merchant of Venice effect. I felt like I was in Phantom of the Opera, it was sick.

This time, it was in the middle of the summer (tourist season), so it was crowded and blistering. Despite the fact that I had what was probably the sweatiest day of my life (dragging around my suitcase over canals, trying to locate my hotel), I had wonderful company, great food and drink, and comfortable lodging. 

I was lucky enough to study abroad with my boyfriend, Paul, going on two years ago (wow, time flies), and I'm even more fortunate to be spending the summer in Italy with him. He's living in Rome while I'm in Milan, but we have been able to travel a bit with one another. This weekend, his lovely family was visiting Italy and we all met up in Venice for a day. 

Right photo courtesy of Beckley & Co.

The first night, we stayed on the main island in Venice and had dinner in Campo Santo Margherita, which was wonderful. Our hotel, the Colombina, was on a canal and walking distance from San Marco's Square. Would absolutely recommend the place - it looked like Alice in Wonderland and had an adorable little bar and breakfast room.

There were no shortages of Aperol Spritzes or pesto pizzas (or bread and olive oil, or truffle oils, or chocolate, etc., for that matter). 

The second night, we ventured out to Murano - the little island north of Venice known for making glass. Murano was a night-and-day difference from Venice; though it still kept the same vibe and aesthetic, it was essentially crowdless and quaint. 

There, we stayed at the LaGare Hotel Venezia, which was perfectly located, clean, and overall just comfortable. We shopped for colored glass bits and bobs, went for long walks along the canals, and watched the sunset over the ocean - basically all the makings for a true vacation. 

On Sunday, we had a mid afternoon train, so we decided to return to the main island for a final walk through (in the heat, with our bags no less), which was surprisingly fine, despite the sweating (anyone else have a weird fear/anxiety about sweating?).