Fun fact - Paul and I started dating during a weekend trip to Paris in November of 2016!

Ah, the most glorious few days in Paris have come and gone in an instant. It was my third time in this lovely city (quite possibly my favorite in the world) and each time is a different experience. My boyfriend, Paul, was able to join me this time, and he let me schlep him all around the city and never complained once - even though I had packed out itinerary to its breaking point and the Parisian sun was quite unforgiving.  

We stayed in the loveliest bnb around Ternes - it was a 15 min walk from the Arc and close to a metro station, so it was easy to get around. The apartment was beautiful and maintained the spirit of a much older Paris. 

A few obligatory stops and such that we made:

Cafe de Flore

Of course; I'm only kind of embarrassed to be so touristy and Instagrammy - the overpriced coffee and croissants were worth it. 

Eiffel Tower

(we had a cute little picnic underneath the Tower as well!)


Thanks for the lovely time, Paris! You were short and sweet, (like always); I'll be back in July!