How to Plan a Wedding While You're Still in a College Mindset

Planning a wedding six months after graduating college is…interesting. It’s a very fun process, but the fact that I’m still in a transition period makes it a bit more complicated. Trying to book vendors and budget at the same time is a lot easier said than done; likewise, applying for credit cards and planning a good time to move next summer is made a bit more complicated with a wedding on the books.

Additionally, the fact that I’m making all of these decisions multiple states away from my wedding location makes me feel like I have a couple of blind spots working against me. Thankfully, there are certain things that make the process a bit easier. One of them is that my wonderful mother is on top of things and happens to live within driving distance of my venue. Another is the volume of resources, such as Basic Invite, that help the process move a little bit more smoothly. Their sample service allows me to try out a few different options for Save the Dates and Invites, which lets me concretely see what my guests will experience when they open their envelopes before making a serious 150-plus copy commitment to one singular design.

Right now, Basic Invite’s holy grail of invitations are (no surprise) holiday cards and invites. As my apartment preps for an upcoming Halloween party, we're experimenting with some old-school physical invitations. My sister-in-law-to-be recently hosted a lovely engagement party for Paul and me, and she did something that surprised me: she sent out paper invites. It felt like such a lost art in the age of Facebook events and social media, but it gave the party a much more intentional, personal vibe. How much more special do you feel when you receive a physical invitation, complete with stamp and signature, rather than a quick “Add” to a Facebook event? It inspired me to do the same, so I decided to pick up some paper invites for our Halloween party.

Beyond invitations, I also thought it would be interesting to play around with place cards for the wedding, so I threw in a sample order of the coolest transparent, simple placards (using my maid-of-honor’s name, sorry, Ness), and fell in love with how cool and classic they looked!


If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from the short amount of time I’ve spent engaged, it’s that you can have an idea of how much work a wedding takes, but no matter what you may believe, it’s always more. It really does, as nauseating as it sounds, feel like a full time job at times. That being said, I’m combing the internet for short cuts and tips and tricks on how to make the process go more smoothly (but still maintain the same aesthetic that I have in mind). With the Save the Dates out of the way, however, it feels like I got at least something done!



Marquel Plavan