Travel Diary: Northern Arizona

For my Spring Break of College (maybe ever),

three of my best friends, my boyfriend, Paul, and I packed up my truck and embarked on the sixteen-hour drive to Page, AZ for a week of outdoorsy experiences and checking off Travel Bucket List items. Though we were severely underprepared for the weather in terms of clothing and, as a result, wore the same sweatshirt and pair of pants for three days straight, we were pleasantly surprised to experience the Grand Canyon covered in a blanket of snow. Likewise, our day at Horseshoe Bend was extremely overcast, but my obnoxious photographer heart reveled in the perfect photo light.

Our second night in Page, we decided to check out the local bowling alley - a tiny hole-in-the-wall with nearly unoccupied lanes and a close proximity to the town’s first drive-in diner. After a few rounds of poor bowling, we decided to hit up said dine (ahem, five minutes before it closed) and had probably the best fried zucchini I’ve ever had.

The next morning, we packed up my truck once more and headed down to Tempe where we would stay for the remainder of break. We stopped at the Grand Canyon on the way down and drove through the scenic and white Flagstaff during the six-hour trip.


In Tempe, we enjoyed a few days of favorable weather and I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Skin Laundry in Scottsdale. Jordan, my esthetician, was extensively educated on skin and equally passionate about Skin Laundry’s message; she gave me the most efficient and effective laser and light facial that I’ve ever received and my skin is still glowing from it (not kidding). After just 10 minutes, she was able to purge my skin of its impurities and leave it glowing and vibrant for the days that followed.