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Skin Savers

for this springtime.

After spending my teenage years with odd combination skin and hormonal acne on my chin, it has been quite a journey to discover what does and doesn’t work for my skin. Thankfully, with the help of my mom’s extensive and evolving knowledge of skincare and the trial-and-error period finally in my rearview mirror, I think that I can say with confidence that I’ve cracked my skin’s code.

Here’s a compiled list of all of the products that have carried me from the winter all the way into the spring.




I’ve spoken about Eminence in a past blog post and a couple of times on my Instagram, but I’ll say it again - this is the only cleanser and daily moisturizer that I will trust on my skin. The probiotic cleanser and moisturizer duo have completely changed my complexion. My skin is not only less red, less dry, and clear of hormonal acne, but is also treated with clean ingredients. As a professional skincare brand focused on the most organic and “biodynamic” ingredients, Eminence is balanced, holistic, and completely free of parabens, harmful chemicals, or sulfates. My mom calls the Probiotic line a “raw food diet for your skin.” Seriously, could not recommend them enough.

Additionally, I’ve started to use the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentrate as a primer for my cheeks and forehead before applying my makeup. It is a bit too dense for my chin area, but it gives my skin a dewier glow that sets the stage for my foundation perfectly. I typically mix it with a couple drops of Raspberry Seed oil from Vitruvi (which I will talk about in a bit) because it acts as an extra protectant for skin!


Vitruvi Skincare

Collaborating with Vitruvi has been so lovely for multiple reasons. Beyond their aesthetically conscious and wellness-focused diffuser designs, they also have a dynamic skincare line that has given my skin that extra moisture that it needed throughout the winter months.

To be quite honest, I didn’t know a whole lot about facial oils (beyond the Vitamin C oil from Image that my mother kindly supplies me with), so learning what different oils do for the skin has been so much fun! Right now, I typically use a couple drops of the skin-protecting Raspberry Seed oil with my primer for my morning routine and then use either a few drops of their moisturizing Hemp Seed base oil by itself or combined with a complex Rosehip oil for my nighttime routine. The Rosehip is great for sensitive skin like mine (seriously, every single face mask I’ve purchased from Whole Foods has made my skin inflame like a tomato), and I wake up with dewy skin for the next day.


Babe Lash

I’ve been lucky enough to have a partnership with Babe Lash for about a year now, and they truly never disappoint me. In addition to their growth serums and lash conditioners, their mascaras, recent eye masks, and eyebrow cremes have knocked my socks off. Use my code “YOURGIRLMARK” for 20% off your purchase!



This brand has been a recent obsession of mine; the Ogee team was kind enough to send me some of their products, and their Tinted Lip Oils are fantastic. Alongside them, I have taken to the Liquid Gold Cleansing Oil, the Serum of Youth, and the Jojoba Facial Oil the most!

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