TRAVEL DIARY: Dubrovnik, Croatia


Hello, it’s 4:30 am here in California! I have emerged from my bedroom after my failed attempts to fall back asleep and decided to get to work on my to-do list. First on the list - blog posts from the Europe trip that caused this jet lag!

The first stop on our two-week European excursion was Dubrovnik, Croatia - a city I had never been to before. As a Game of Thrones fan, I was obviously psyched to see Kings Landing in person, and totally geeked out during the private tour my mom and I took.


Recommendation: don’t pass up the chance to walk the Old Town Walls - even in the blistering heat, they were completely worth the time and kunas.



Our hotel’s concierge arranged for us a two hour private tour with a local guide, and the experience was truly wonderful. Our guide was not only a passionate Thrones fan (who gave us an earful of complaints about the finale), but also a history buff with an extensive knowledge of the town’s roots.


Speaking of our hotel - our guide informed us that we stayed in the oldest hotel in the city! The roof had to be replaced after the bombing of the town in the 90s, but other than that, it had remained fairly in tact!


The Hotel Imperial Dubrovnik

Despite the aforementioned blistering heat, I tried my best to coordinate fashionable outfits; the majority of my efforts resulted in multiple outfit changes throughout the day and eventually surrendering to wearing the same pair of high-waisted shorts to survive the temperature. My birthday fell on our second full day in the city, and I had the chance to wear my June tee by Hotel Magique x Sezane to celebrate.


For my birthday dinner, my great aunt scored us a table at Nautika - one of the loveliest restaurants in Dubrovnik. The service, food, and view combined and catapulted Nautika to the top of my “Best Restaurants Ever” list. Between the signature Pink G&T arriving in a vintage bird cage, the serene view of the Red Keep at sunset, and the best tuna I’ve ever tasted, I don’t think Nautika will be topped anytime soon.

Marquel Plavan